Event Policies & Procedures

Mission Statement

To provide all of our customers with "Above and Beyond" service not only meeting their expectations but also taking pride in exceeding them.

Booking Procedure

The Penn State Golf Courses will book tournaments and outings approximately one year in advance. Upon initial contact, with our event coordinator, a booking form will be sent to the group’s contact. This form will provide us with the basic information to accommodate the particular needs of the group.

Day of the Event

By this time all preliminary preparations will have been made. It is always important to provide the entire staff, maintenance included, with as much information as possible. For internal use a spreadsheet is created to list all information for the group, including specific information that we can use to customize your event. We provide the staff with index cards, which aid in communicating vital information for optimal logistic coordination. Last minute changes are common place. We focus on strong communication skills and have the ability to change pairings, reprint scorecards and golf car assignments in a short period of time. Once the group is on the course, it is important for us to show a presence assuring the groups expectations are being met.

Five dollars from each player's fee is returned to the group in the form of an event certificate good for merchandise in our award winning golf shop. Once play is completed, the scoring staff is ready to accept scorecards and score the event per the group's request. At the completion of the outing, we make a point to personally talk to the group's representative to make sure their expectations are met, and gladly listen to any constructive feedback that can help us improve in the future.

Billing and Follow Up

The method in which our groups will pay for their event varies greatly, therefore it is important to get all group billing information prior to the event. We spend the time to go over all charges that will appear on the bill to help alleviate any confusion that may arise after the completion of the event. A post event package is sent to the group contact including the bill, a thank you letter and questionnaire. We do ask your help in completing the brief questionnaire, because it provides us with vital information on how to improve our event coordination in the future.

For Questions about Events please contact Steve Eskey at (814) 863-0254.

1523 W. College Ave, State College, PA 16801