Steve Wager

PGA Director of Instruction

Steve is a PGA Member certified in Teaching and Coaching, only 2% of all PGA Members are certified in Teaching. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Steve has been instrumental in helping collegiate players, state champions, PGA Professionals, world ranked junior golfers as well as beginners, seniors and juniors. A few of his instructional components include: high speed video analysis, launch monitors, biomechanics, personalized conditioning and fitness exercises.

Steve has earned an elite status as a TPI Golf Professional and Nike Golf Performance Specialist. Steve is professionally trained to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers regardless of skill level, helping his students make the most powerful, efficient and consistent golf swing their bodies can make.

Steve uses a student-centered approach to teaching. Once he considers an individual student’s goals, expectations, physical strengths, and weaknesses, he will develop an individualized plan to help each student reach his or her goals. Steve is able to take what is extremely complex and translate it for each student into something he/she can understand, feel, and repeat.

He will be teaching individual lessons, group lessons, Get Golf Ready programs, women’s clinics, senior clinics, golf specific strength and conditioning clinics, and our PGA recognized Junior Golf Camps.

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Steve's Golf Tips

Trail Hip Stability -TREE TRUNK

We use the ground to create a coil so we can unwind the club with maximum force into the golf ball. If the trail hip is unstable it may cause you to sway, which can lead to poor shots and a major loss in power.

So here is the key. In the address position in the golf swing we strive to be in a balanced athletic position. As you start your backswing you want maintain the position of your trail leg as you rotate. Try to resist the urge to straighten your leg or turn your knee cap away from the target in anyway as you coil into your hip. This image of a tree trunk is a great visual idea. Hold the leg and turn the hip against it to increase your coil and maximize your power.

If you have trouble getting into this position it could be lack of flexibility, strength or just a bad habit. Schedule a Nike NG360 Evaluation and we can assess your entire body and develop a plan that will allow help your body make the most effective golf swing.

Why do my Irons go straight, but I slice my driver?

I have been asked this question thousands of times and unfortunately there is no easy answer. Many golfers feel that they swing their irons one way, but when it comes time to hit the driver, they use a completely different swing. Most likely, you are using the same swing for both clubs. Through my experience of collecting high-speed video clips of my students swinging irons and woods, 99% of them make the same swing with both clubs. Making simple adjustments to your driver’s swing will produce straighter and longer tee shots.

Tip for hitting your driver straight or with a slight draw.

Place your head cover on the ground and take several ½ speed practice swings, feeling the club swing to the inside of the head cover and up through to where the golf ball would be. Next, tee up a ball and place the head cover 2” outside of the ball and take that same ½ speed swing and try to feel the club travel on and inside to square path. Continue adding speed to your swing until you can no longer control the direction of the golf ball. Each practice session you should be able to continue adding distance and club head speed.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I’m here to help. Steve


"I’ve had several lessons from other instructors and at one point I was told there was nothing they could do for me, “I just wasn’t getting it.” I took some lessons from Steve and my game improved dramatically! My game wasn’t where I wanted it and due to time constraints, I was unable to continue taking lessons that year. The following year I called Steve and got a lesson... as soon as we started, he remembered my swing flaws and quickly fixed them and we were ready to move on from there...

I continue to take lessons from Steve and my handicap has dropped from an 18 to around a 10 and am playing my best golf at age 50....thanks Steve"

Joe P

"Steve is a great instructor. I've been playing for a while, but only in charity outings. I had trouble making consistent, solid ball contact and became frustrated when I couldn't fix it myself. Steve helped me use the skills I already had with tennis and transfer them to the golf swing. After my first lesson, my friends where amazed to see how much I improved. I continue to take lessons with Steve, and I am continuing to see lower scores".

Holden F

" Steve is a great teacher and I have recommended him to many people. His use of video really helps to be able to see where your problem areas are, and then focus on making the necessary adjustments in a non-intimidating manner without getting overly mechanical. You'll see positive results immediately. He's very approachable, patient, nice, friendly, knowledgeable. If you're looking for a great teacher, you can't go wrong with Steve!"

Janine A

NG360 Poster FPS

1523 W. College Ave, State College, PA 16801