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Denise St. Pierre, PSU Women's Golf Coach

PSU Women's Head Golf Coach & PGA/LPGA Golf Instructor
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Denise St. PierreDirector of Instructional Programs at The Penn State University with twenty-seven years of teaching experience at several facilities located in Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania.

She was recently awarded one of the top 50 Professional female instructors in the country from Golf for Women Magazine. She is in her 22nd season as Head Coach of the Penn State Women's Golf Team. 

Denise's Golf Tips:
Posture Yourself for Better Performance

Aaahh, spring has finally arrived, time to dust off those clubs and head out to the golf course. This is going to be your year. You’re finally going to figure out how to correct that slice or hit that drive just 20 yards further! You will head to the driving range to "figure" out the new move to improve your game. Hold it right there!
The very first thing you should do is make sure you have a chance to make a good swing by positioning your body in an athletic stance. Golf is a "sport" and like any sport it is essential to be in a position with your body that will allow your it to move yet remain balanced. We call this type of movement in sport "dynamic balance". It is necessary to striking a golf ball consistently. The key to allowing your club to travel on the correct path, which will result in allowing your ball to travel on your intended target line, is to start your swing with the correct posture. There will be some variations to this depending on your body type but the common features are what separate the high handicappers and the low handicappers. Try the following method to making your posture a solid "habit" and assuring yourself the opportunity to make a balanced move through the ball.

Start first without a club. Stand up tall so your legs are straight, shoulders are back, and the back of your head is aligned with your spine.

Place your hands on your hips and tip slightly forward until you feel your tailbone stick out.

Let your arms go and hang them straight down from the shoulders. Unlock your legs slightly. (If your knees are bent to much you will feel like you are sitting or your knees will appear over your feet, this will make turning very difficult)

Keep the chin up so the back of your head remains on the same line as your spine, this will allow your shoulders to make a full turn in the backswing. (Your friends may tell you to keep your head down this is not TRUE)

You are now in an athletic position, you should feel the weight on the balls of your feet, your feet should be shoulder width apart measuring from the insides of your feet, your eyes will be looking down at the ball, your arms should feel loose and freely hanging from the shoulders. You are now in a "ready" position to strike the golf ball.

Practice this 60 times a day for the next 21 days and you will make a new habit of your posture position! Just have FUN!